Thursday, May 29, 2008

You're not going to believe this, but...

I know this is going to sound like an utter excuse, but I swear, my period started the day before weigh in so no weigh in for me this week either! I suck I know. Next time for reals, I pinky-swear.

In more terribly awesome Asian snack news, I saw chocolate covered carrot gel snacks in the konbini yesterday. I stupidly left my phone at home this morning and therefore cannot send you proof of this Willy Wonka-esqu combination, but believe me it's coming.

Monday, May 26, 2008

So good!

My apartment smells wonderful! I'm roasting a chicken breast and some potatoes with some rosemary, salt and pepper, and the scent has just worked its way through my apartment.

I've been having trouble getting back on track this week. As in, I haven't at all. That's the problem with having an 'off' day/weekend, they tend to derail me a little. You'd think I'd learn really, but never mind.

I think I'll weigh in tomorrow regardless. The weight will probably be off because of water weight, but if that's the case then I can just show a big loss next week.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mystery Snacks

One of the teachers just came up and gave me some snacks. Never one to turn down the opportunity to try something new I graciously accepted, and waited until he was gone before doing an in depth analysis.

The packaging would like me to believe that it is exploding dog flavoured onigiri (rice-cakes). What had I done to deserve these canine stealth attacks? Heedless to the dangers I pressed on, determined to know what it was or die in the attempt.

Closer inspection revealed rice crackers with a soy glaze and nori pieces. It was nicer than I expected, but I probably wouldn't buy the myself.

I'm unsure what the first rice cake had done to upset the exploding dog, especially since the second pack seemed so happy?

We can only assume it deserved it. And that the dog didn't read the sign on the front of the supermarket store asking very politely to please not blow anything up:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HY Challenge

I am not weighing in this week, owing to my birthday celebrations last weekend. I had a really good time and don't regret it at all, so the last thing I need is to get on the scale and make myself feel guilty for it.

I'll weigh in next week though, no worries.

Bah, back to Japanese study, though my brain is about to implode from the new vocab.

Friday, May 16, 2008


A message from my facebook horoscope:

You want to focus on real accomplishment and avoid frivolity and distractions. You may fruitfully tackle difficult, disagreeable tasks or work that usually frustrates you, for your patience and ability to do painstaking work is brought out now. Self-control and self-discipline are required of you at this time, but fortunately, they yield positive results in the long run.

Live from my desk

The fast few days have just run by, mostly due to the fact that I've actually been teaching for a change. It was Golden Week a little while ago so the lessons had to be rearranged to fit around the public holidays.

Not that I want to give you all the impression that I had no time, when I say 'busy' I mean I had two classes to teach a day, as appose to two classes a week. I made the days go faster though. One thing I both love and hate about my job is the amount of time I spend sitting in the staff room just putting in time. On one hand life as a desk barnacle has it's advantages, you have time to study Japanese, or write, or screw around on the Internet for eight hours a day. On the other hand, so much free time stretching before you can get boring. It leeches your motivation so that you're not actually achieving anything during those empty hours, and you begin to resent it when you do actually have to get up and work. The less you do the less you want to do.

This week has been good though, knowing I have something means that I'm forced into at least low productivity, which turn builds momentum and makes me want to do more. The more you do the more you want to do. There is a certain correlation between that and exercise I think. Last week I exercised three times, but it was difficult and I didn't like it. When I make the effort every day (or rather, with a set regularity rather than when I feel like it) it becomes so much easier, just slipping into my routine and making me want to push it further.

During my vast Internet time I stumbled across these and oh, how I covet. If I can scrape together the cash after paying for my flight home I'll have to order them. It's my birthday on Sunday (25! No longer in my early twenties! GAH!) so perhaps I can swing it as a gift to myself.

Eating the last few days has been alright. Not the perfection of last week, but not terrible. I suspect more effort is needed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HY Challenge

Time for a check in and my scale said 109.6 this morning. That's a loss of 0.6kg/1.3lbs.

To tell the truth, even though that's not a bad loss (no loss is a bad loss!) I'm a little disappointed. I think I may be slightly lighter than that as I tend to see a bit of a difference when I wait an hour or so after waking up before I take a reading, but I had to get to school so there was no time to wait. I was going to hold off and see what tomorrow brought, but then came to my senses a little and figured I can just add it to next week if needs be.

I went out for lunch at Denny's today (another ALT comes to my school on Tuesdays and we always go out to lunch together) and got a Cobb salad and french onion soup. This was especially good as they have just changed some of their limited time menu items and they all looked amazing! They have the calories for every meal listed next to the picture though and some of the counts were mind boggling, so I (just about!) stuck to my guns. Now that I'm about to put it in to Daily Plate I'm glad I did.

I bought some bok choy at the supermarket last night, so I might do a stir fry for dinner. I found a really good blog here called 'Food Wishes'. They have loads of recipes with a streaming video for each so that you can see how it's done. I'm thinking of making his ginger and garlic dish if I remember to go the supermarket and pick up some soy sauce and sesame oil, and then pair it with either a chicken breast on top or some thin-cut beef slivers mixed in with it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

And I'm back

I was typing this as an edit on my last post and it got so long I figured it could have its own entry.

It's early evening now and I'm feeling better. I got a text from my friend saying someone else had agreed to fill the place, so I don't feel like I've let her down anymore. I put on some upbeat music and made myself dinner, then went and got my groceries and came away relatively unscathed, so everything is alright.

I was kind of hungry so I bought myself a couple of yakitori chicken skewers from the service counter, along with an off-cut of garlic bread. I weighed the bread when I got home (40g) before I ate it and put it into Daily Plate. The fried service area and the bakery counter are two places where I really, really trip up in the supermarket. It always smells good and it's right by the entrance. It's good to know that I can get something there without going nuts - though it was a close thing at one point so I probably won't test myself too often! Also, if I go too crazy on the white carbs (rice/bread) it tends to kick off my cravings like crazy, I've been having a much easier time since I reduced my intake.

I had a very late lunch though, and now that snack, so I'm probably going to call that dinner and then have some fruit if I get hungry later. With weigh in being tomorrow (well, depending what time Mr Linky goes up possibly Wednesday for me?) I'm trying to cut down on my late night eating as it really does affect the scale the next day, even if the things I've eaten are healthy. If I wait until I'm hungry for something meal-sized I'll be really up tomorrow.

Pity party, table for one

I woke up after very little sleep and just couldn't face going to school for another long day of passing time with no classes, so I used my last vacation day (the rest are tied up with my trip home this summer) and stayed at home. It sounds very 'woe is me', but you'd be amazed how exhausting sitting at a desk for eight hours debating gnawing off your own arm from boredom can actually be.

My friend emailed me to ask if I wanted to take part in a local flower festival here. They were looking for four foreign girls to be dressed up at a kimono shop in full robes, have their hair done, and join the procession, followed by a possible TV interview. It sounded like a lot of fun but I had to say no. Firstly it was almost certain that none of the kimonos would fit me, which would have been absolutely mortifying, and second they were doing people hair (which would have caused a problem as I wear a wig), which would also have been mortifying. It's made me kind of sad as I would have looked forward to doing it with my friends and it sounded like the festival would have been so interesting.

Sometimes when I allow myself to think about it, I think maybe that part of the reason I have problems losing weight. At the end of this, no matter what size I get down to, I'm can't see myself as ever being pretty because I'm always going to be the bald chick. I wear a wig so no one sees it day to day, but assuming I dated someone they would have to know, and how exactly do you slip that into the conversation?

Sigh. The offer should have been a nice, enjoyable thing to remember in my city, and instead I had to say no and it's left me feeling quite down.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A nice evening

I just got back from dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a friend, it was a really nice meal. I knew there was no way I could find out the calories and decided not to worry about it. I started with nachos and a bean dip, followed with a Mexican set and finished with a slice of cake. I knew I was going out for dinner so I ate very lightly today, just a bowl of cereal, and did light workout. I'm glad I did that because I know I would have eaten exactly what I ended up having, regardless of what I'd eaten today, so it made me feel much more in control that I hadn't just said "well we'll call this an 'off' day" and gone crazy.

On the way home we passed WAY, a big video/DVD rental place that I've been wanting to join. I've only ever passed it in the car so it always seemed too far away to get to from my apartment, but we checked the dial as we went passed and it turns out it's about 2.5km (1.55 miles), so it would only be just over a 3 mile round trip! It really surprised me, I thought it would be much further than that - I could totally walk it. If/when I ever get over my bike phobia (or when I get fit enough that riding doesn't half kill me) it would be a really good place to bike to. An ALT friend of mine is going to help me fill in the Japanese form on Tuesday and sort out joining so that I can go when I like. Even better, it's on a road going from my place and it's a completely straight line, no turning anywhere, which means the chances of me getting hopeless lost are greatly diminished.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Scale, just to clarify...

My scale seems to have misunderstood the concept I'm going for with this weight loss thing. When I eat healthily, with no cheats and all my water, for three days then I don't expect to be up a kilo. I just don't. I had to sit him down for a little chat earlier to explain exactly what I'm going for here, hopefully he's a little clearer on his role in this whole project now.

Still chugging along though. Whatever the scale says I know that eating properly can't be making me fatter (even if it's somehow making me temporarily heavier), so I'll just have to keep going until the scale gets his act together. I'd like to register a loss on Tuesday though.

Somehow it's Friday again! Golden Week holidays meant that I had no school Monday/Tuesday, no teaching time Wednesday, one class on Thursday (it was only a half day because of Sports Day prep and preliminary races) and then Sports Day proper today. All weeks should be like this.

I had the extremely dubious honour of seeing my first apartment cockroach last night, crawling across my kitchen floor. After a minor Hysterical Freakout I whacked it with a slipper (I know, I know, you shouldn't, but it had to die and quickly). It was a worthy adversary for my brand new vacuum.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sorry reader-folk, a konbini is a convenience store, they're everywhere in Japan. I got to the one just behind my school to get lunch.

I was intending to go again today and get my yogurt and juice, only to realise that I actually have a class today in the 2nd period, so I don't have time! I'll have to go after, but I hope my stomach doesn't grumble while I'm teaching. It has a tendency to get very vocal when empty.

Got on the scale and I was up very slightly, not at lot (under a pound) but enough. Looking back on what I've eaten the last few days there is no reason it should be up, so I'm just going to assume it's a natural fluctuation and check it again in a couple of days. Between then and now I'm going to try and drink more water, I have upped what I was drinking before but I don't think it's quite enough yet, especially now the weather has warmed up.

Do you think I can count green tea as part of my water count? I always thought no; water should be water and that's the end of it, but now I'm wondering?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I got up late and didn't have time for breakfast this morning so now I'm hungry. I think I'm going to nip to the konbini in a few minutes and get something.

I got to school and they had magically unblocked blogger and live journal! Not sure why but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. Everyone go update your blogs while I can still read them!

The unfortunate downside is that this is officially the rebirth of time wasting. I should probably be studying Japanese right now.

Edit: I've just come back from the konbini and I managed to resist the things I shouldn't be eating. I bought a mango/apple 100% juice and a blueberry/aloe yogurt for breakfast, a piece of string cheese for a snack, and a ham/egg/salad sandwich, tuna salad (no dressing), blueberry/aloe yogurt, and some water for lunch. I'm feeling good about those decisions and I didn't pick up any of the snack things that always get me when I go there.

I've said it before but I should really start bringing lunch to school. It would probably work out as cheaper and there would be no willpower involved, but I would miss my store run during the day, it's a nice little break.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I just made a really nice dinner. It was aubergine, bell pepper, asparagus and snap peas, with a little soft tofu thrown in for protein. Mixed in with a little stir-fry sauce and eaten with broccoli instead of rice, it was delicious and contained pretty much all my fruit and veg for the day.

I seem to have lost my camera so no picture, but hopefully I'll find it when I clean up so I'll be able to start posting some of my better cooking attempts.

HY Challenge

I've only been on this diet a few days but the Healthy You Challenge weigh in day is Tuesday, so I'm checking in. My weight this morning was 110.2kg/242.4lbs, a loss of 2kg/4.4lbs. This really surprised me for such a small amount of time, but y first weigh in was done in the evening so that explains the big jump.

Now to keep this ball rolling!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I did it.

For the first time in a very long time I actually got up and did my exercise DVD. It was only the one mile (where as previously I'd gotten up to three), but first steps are the hardest and re-doing first steps are a pretty close second. And I did it.

I am of the happy.

I am out of cereal so I haven't had breakfast yet, which is bad. Technically I should be having lunch, but I'm meeting some people for coffee at three, and if we go to a restaurant we may be eating there so I don't want to eat too much beforehand just in case. We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I decided it was time for a change.

You can still read my old entries (should you so wish) back over at The Cakehole, but all new posts will be made here. Every now and then you need to shake out the cyber-dust.

Hopefully any regular readers haven't become discouraged with my lack of updates and will make the move with me.

I booked my plane ticket the other day to visit home in the summer, and I want to be at least the weight I arrived at before I go back. I let the past few months get away from me and I have the weight gain to prove it. I came across some pictures I took of myself when I got here and I can really see the difference between how I looked then compared to how I look now, especially in my face.

I'll be fiddling with this blog for a little bit, transferring my links over and such, so don't worry if you don't see your link yet! If you're nice enough to have put my link on your page, please change the address to this one.